Relying on d²X to recruit your IT Project and Operations Managers, makes your company benefit from a permanent network of professionals, already identified, qualified and rapidly available in our geographical areas.

Time saving

Our approach based on a business and job referential is far more efficient than that of a recruitment company working by direct approach.



A recruitment team, supported by 10 Practice Managers, contacts yearly 2000 professionals, conducts 800 selection interviews and maintains our pool of 250 consultants.


Customized contracts

Recruitment contract? "pre-hire” Mission? d²X has the process and accreditations that are best suited for your particular case,



The profiles we focus on ...

  • Go beyond “Executive” recruitment companies that provide up to MANAGEMENT level
  • Go beyond “IT Experts” recruitment companies that provide engineers with 3 years of experience, for their technical staffing
Recruitment success stories
Some of our best business cases concerning recruitment...