Key Milestones

The tabs below walk you in a few lines through the essence of d²X Expertise’s history...


In December, d²X Expertise is listed in the Commercial Register of Lyon.



The first assignment starts in Lyon in March.

d²X Expertise buckles its first annual financial year with... a profit!


In partnership with an international services company, d²X Expertise wins two multi-year contracts with two major accounts in the Rhône-Alpes region.

An additional agency (Swiss law) is created in GENEVA in the spring, followed at the end of the year by an agency in Ile de France.


The activity Ile de France is taking off; The Lyon and Geneva branches are continuing their development by signing contract with key accounts and international SMEs.

Initially built around delegating management services, the offer is enriched based on two axes: the IT departments’ operations portfolio management performance and the individual and collective efficiency of the employees & management.

The total of the group's paid employees exceeds 30 FTE.


Our geographic agencies continue to develop; The group exceeds € 4.5 million in consolidated sales, with an employed workforce of over 40 FTE at the end of the year.

In the spring, the structure is reinforced with a cross-recruitment profile followed in the autumn by the setup of a first agency dedicated to the health sector, with strong expertise in mutualisation and rationalization issues, is created.

d²X Expertise is now structured as a consulting company.


With 15% growth, d²X Expertise continues its development despite a lacklustre market in Europe; The number of employees now exceeds 60 FTEs.
The organization continues to evolve, notably by :

  • the opening of an agency dedicated to banking customers in Switzerland,
  • the arrival of a second Account Manager in the Ile de France agency,
  • the reinforcement of recruitment resources.

On two occasions during the year, major account customers officially testify their satisfaction during trade shows.


2014 has been a good “vintage” year for d²X Expertise. It will be remembered mostly for :

  • an ever-growing turnover (nearly 7€ million over the year),
  • the unanimous positive feedback from our customers on the quality of our services,
  • the development of our proposals (opening of new major account customers, increase in referrals, registration in the PMI register, etc.)
  • the successful establishment of our entity in SINGAPORE in the spring,
  • continued structuring of the group: business management, finance and controlling, recruitment.


The financial exercise showed again a very strong growth (around 30%, for a turnover of 8 950 k €). At the end of 2015, d²X has nearly 100 employees, 80 of which are consultants.

The group decided to create yet another agency in MONTREAL - effective in the fall - to address the local Quebec market and ultimately the North American market.

The renewed confidence of our customers allowed us to start the year with a solid backlog.

With a consolidated turnover of € 9.4 million, 2016 was a transition year. However the average annual growth over the last 3 years is still more than 12% which is satisfactory.

The year saw an improvement in our margins on contracts, allowing us to continue our investments. Our positioning is more attractive than ever for major contractors: 6 of them have joined the d²X customer club.

Finally, we will note on our agencies :

  • A good business in Switzerland despite tough market conditions,
  • The good start of our new entity on the West of France, created end of year.

Our values


The fulfilment of our commitments is our “signature”: we ensure the proper and smooth development of our assignments, as well as the success of our employees. We expect in return :

  • exemplary behaviour,
  • strong involvement in our collective success,
  • active participation in experts’ networks, and in communities of practice and institutions.


Our goal is to provide our customers with ever more efficient solutions.



The methods, solutions and platforms that we advocate and recommend during our missions are selected with the highest degree of independence.

Our HR policy is based on our concern for fairness, recognition of individual results and sharing of these results in favour of our development.


We owe our greatest loyalty :

  • to our customers, who entrust us with assignment on challenging projects,
  • to our employees, to whom we guarantee support and development opportunities,
  • our partners, with whom we commit to collaborate,
  • our carefully selected suppliers.

Our strengths

Because mastering your commitments is our primary goal, we set in place all the means allowing your satisfaction.


Our clients appreciate the level and expertise of our consultants, our responsiveness, and the commitment of our teams to carry out the missions entrusted to us.

This is d²X signature.


The financial situation of d²X Expertise allows us to conduct an investment policy that is resolutely oriented towards the development of our brand (training, certification, recruitment, communication, etc.).


Our positioning, our culture and our knowledge of the market give us both a position of independence and the possibility of forming partnerships with our fellow brands or specialists.