Some success stories concerning the implementation of tools for better IT management (ITSM, EPM, PPM, ...).

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Portfolio Management
Within the IT production department of BNP Switzerland, d²X Expertise has successfully carried out several business or cross-functional projects.
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Projects and services management
For the IT Exploitation Centre, d²X Expertise has ensured project management to set up processes and tools.
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Service Management
Within the SOI of the City of Lausanne, d²X Expertise has stepped in to optimize the productivity of the proposed services.
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Project Governance
The respect of the deadlines and the smooth flow of information enabled d²X Expertise to accompany Apicil in the deployment of a new desktop publishing tool.
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ITIL consulting
d²X Expertise intervened within the Hospice General to improve the interactions between operational services. The CIO is now able to control its commitments.
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Service Management
The intervention carried out by d²X Expertise for a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group enabled the development and the management of various services while maintaining the level of application support.
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Disaster Recovery Plan
During Naville's process outsourcing, d²X Expertise managed to steer their project and to achieve a complex transition.
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ITIL Implementation
Thanks to d²X Expertise intervention, an IT operating entity managed to homogenize the practices of the different departments, to industrialize historical practices and to implement a continuous improvement approach.
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Transition Management
d²X Expertise allowed Arkema to implement a new production tool, leading to a transition success while the company focused on decisive points.


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The intervention of d²X Expertise made it possible for SFIL to implement i ...
Project Governance
The respect of the deadlines and the smooth flow of information enabled d² ...
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