Interview d²X consultant: Xavier Garcia

21 April 2020

Xavier Garcia (d²X West) answered our questions about his experience at d²X. 




Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X because I wanted to continue and perfect my knowledge in the field of outsourcing and Project Management within large accounts, after 5 years of experience in the customer base. d²X believed in my skills and gave me the opportunity to continue in this field that interests me. I also wanted to find a family spirit within a consulting firm, by having a manager who listens to the needs of his consultants, so that I wasn’t just a number on a list.


What are d²X strengths ?

One of d²X's main strengths is having a Director/Business Unit Manager who only takes care of a small number of consultants (around 25 maximum). It allows him to build strong relationships and to better follow our missions, etc. Furthermore, d²X's job streams is in a niche market, with experienced consultants who bring their expertise to their clients.


What are the specifics of your job?

I am a Project Manager, with both Technical and Functional skills. I am therefore required to deal with technical migration issues while listening carefully to the needs and expectations of the business lines. Project Management requires rigour and listening to the people you work with in order to form a solid team.


What is your mission at the moment?

I'm working for a railway company in Nantes, for a Teradata on Premise migration project in the Cloud with a version upgrade. My assignments are focused on Project Management, with a strong highlight on technical problems and complex architectures.


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

Starting in September 2019, my first assignment at d²X was for a client that creates thermal comfort solutions. I steered the migration of their Legacy data to the Salesforce solution.

Since February 2020 I have been working for a railway company, on a Teradata on-Premise in the Cloud migration project, with the implementation of the adjoining infrastructure, taking into account the business impacts.


What makes the difference at d²X?

The most notable ones are:

- listening to the wishes of collaborators and the kindness of our manager.

- the desire to belong to a company with an added value.


Thank you Xavier for telling us more about your career at d²X!


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