d²X 10th anniversary!

16 April 2019

Let's celebrate this milestone ! 

d²X Expertise celebrated its 10th anniversary on the weekend of March 29th to 31st 2019 in Lyon, the company's head office, with collaborators, former employees and clients.

Our collaborators from France, Switzerland and Singapore were able to meet, exchange and celebrate together this milestone of d²X.

This weekend's program: share knowledge and ideas on d²X Expertise, have fun and enjoy each other's company! 

Collaborators, former employees and clients were invited to share an evening on Saturday, March 30, under the sign of conviviality. About 120 guests were present this evening.

The team thanks you for your trust in d²X, your enthusiasm and your collaborative spirit throughout this weekend of celebration.

See you for our 20th anniversary!


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