d²X Expertise announces the creation of an entity: People Performance

07 January 2021

This new entity, d²X People Performance, complements d²X Expertise's offerings to support the CIOs of large companies in their skills transformation.

 d²X People Performance addresses :

  • Recruitment of first level managers (Program Directors, Project Managers, CIOs, CTOs or Domain Managers, ...),
  • Individual and collective assessment of the skills of the project teams,
  • Skills development (face-to-face and distance training, operational support, mentoring, even individualized training courses), particularly on subjects such as hybridization or project excellence.


Sébastien Mallet joins the d²X Group as the Associate Director if this entity.

Recognized for his expertise and leadership, Sébastien has more than 15 years of experience in assessment, recruitment and training within leading companies in their sector. He has developed over the years the skills needed to provide reliable and innovative solutions enable his clients to have the skills they need to succeed to succeed in their challenges (recruitment by direct approach, high volume recruitment, creation of Corporate Academies and design of assessment protocols).

"In an environment where skills are changing and becoming rare, d²X has been able to create tools and methods that have enabled it, for more than 10 years, to meet the challenges of CIOs and to experience strong growth. these assets (sourcing, selection, assessment and development of rare skills) that we are making available to the market today. "


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