Interview d²X consultant: André Bour

09 October 2020

André Bour (d²X Paris) answered our questions about his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I was contacted by d²X's HR department, I had just left my position as Director of Architecture for the IT economic interest group of a large Health insurance company.

The first exchanges with the d²X managers were very positive, they really listened to me and were very interested in my experience and my desire to take up new challenges and bring my experience to customers.

Shortly afterwards, d²X offered me an assignment with a client in the banking sector that fully matched the expectations I had expressed (I will come back to this below).


In your opinion, what is d²X's strength today?

d²X's strength lies in its approach to customer satisfaction, with a unique way of focusing for each assignment on the value that the consultant brings to the customer.

A d²X consultant takes the customer's need/concern into account and will suggest and carry out all necessary actions. This is done within a formalized framework with experienced profiles in the key business areas to be mobilized: project management, service management, contract management.


What are the specifics of your job?

The position of Program Director consists in defining and reaching an environmental transformation target by mobilizing energies, guaranteeing added value, "ovvercoming" obstacles, and this with an economy of means.

This requires a very good knowledge of the state of the art, an ability to relate to management and all the functional and technical players, a good understanding of the ability to do and the organizational difficulties to overcome.

Personally, I have often had to lead projects in particularly delicate situations (very tight deadlines, immature new technologies, failing projects) and always managed to successfully bring them to fruition.


What kind of mission do you have at the moment?

I am currently working with a group of Health Insurance Companies to help set up a governance of the Working Environment (taken as a whole: workspaces + workstations + digital & collaborative uses) made even more necessary following the period of generalized remote working during the pandemic.

After a quick mapping phase of the existing situation, I have recently proposed orientations in terms of objectives and a multi-year trajectory that aim to :

  • Modernize collaborative uses with the implementation of the Microsoft 365 platform
  • Set up governance of the work environment at the interface of the business and IT teams


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

My previous mission took place in a subsidiary of a major banking group. For several years, the Production Department had been failing in its annual test of the IT Continuity Plan.

In the past I had had to build such a plan and above all to implement it several times (with success!), in a real disaster context. I therefore repositioned the technical operations in a global trajectory, and proposed areas for improvement to prepare the teams for a real crisis context and to associate the Business Units to the control of recovery operations. Thus reframed and prepared, less than 9 months later, the IT Continuity Plan test met all the objectives set by the Group in terms of recovery times and application scope!


What makes the difference at d²X?

d²X is a company that knows how to identify and value the skills of its consultants, so there is no segregation with regard to "senior" profiles - quite the contrary.

The business teams know how to find particularly interesting missions. In addition, communication operations are driven internally to share experience and knowledge.

All these points, in addition to the strengths mentioned above, show that in the field, d²X knows how to make a difference for the client.


Thank you André for this wonderful interview!