Interview d²X consultant: Marie Thizy

30 July 2020

Marie Thizy (d²X Lyon) answered our questions about her experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X Expertise after a very good first exchange with the Business Unit Manager in Lyon. d²X saw my potential by taking an interest in me: through my professional experiences, but also    through my personality. Soon after my first interview, d²X offered me a mission with a major client that corresponded to my desires. I very much appreciated the open-mindedness of d²X, which showed great human values, ensuring a real commitment and support to the consultant.


In your opinion, what is d²X's strength today?

d²X's strength lies in its open-mindedness and its closeness to the consultants. Every quarter, a meeting is organized with the consultant, the d²X manager and the client in order to frame the mission, check the progress of the project(s), get feedback and define the objectives for the next steps. This mission monitoring supervised by the Business Manager is beneficial to the consultant, allowing him to expand his missions and to evolve quickly with a view to improvement.


What are the specifics of your job?

Being a Project Manager requires significant organizational and interpersonal skills. I pay attention to respecting the cost, quality and deadline defined for the framing.

This job requires being proactive, being always on the lookout for information, having transversal skills and adapting one's language according to the interlocutors. Constant analysis and follow-up work is necessary to raise the alerts and then propose suitable solutions.


What kind of mission do you have at the moment?

I am currently working for a banking company in a technical property management service on major projects related to the Smart Building. I have two missions:

  • Replacement of the lighting of a site over 3,000m² classified as a « Bâtiments de France ». My mission is to analyze the uses and needs of users in order to offer a SMART solution, which meets the comfort of users with a view to energy efficiency and control of maintenance costs.
  • Deployment of an easy to use and interactive planning and intervention request tool. The customer thus becomes the owner of the real estate technical data and can trace and index it.


Can you tell us about your evolution at d²X in terms of skills?

I was hired by d²X in March 2019 as a PMO. My first assignment took place in a banking company. I first worked in tandem with a d²X consultant on a telecom project whose objective was to triple the speed on more than 300 sites. Soon after taking up my position, I expressed my willingness to increase my workload with my d²X Manager. Thanks to the attentive listening of the client, I got new responsibilities and thus took charge of a new project in parallel with the first.

As a Project Manager, I managed the entire second project: from framing to its end. This consisted in increasing telephony capacity over a perimeter of 31 sites.This opportunity allowed me to prove myself to the client. In November 2019 (9 months after I was hired), I took over the responsibilities of my partner on the main project. A new d²X recruit came to assist me to replace my position as a PMO.

In March 2020, another department of the same client asked me to assume the position of Real Estate Data Project Manager.


What makes the difference at d²X?

d²X is a human-sized company where exchanges are facilitated. The Lyon site encourages its consultants to develop the life of the company through monthly meetings, promoting the feeling of belonging.


Thank you Marie!