Interview d²X consultant : Riad Moghrani

14 February 2020

Riad Moghrani (d²X Lyon) answered our questions on his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X because I was offered the perfect opportunity in my career plan, an opportunity that met my needs, the needs of d²X and the client. Everything responded to my desire to come back to my roots and the job I love. I had a strong need to consolidate my skills in project management and d²X listened to me, trusted and supported me. The mission should have lasted 3 months but I have now been working for the same client for 2 years now. I have gained new skills by taking to the next level, which is really a great because there was a tripartite trust from the first day between the client, d²X and I.  


What do you think are d²X strengths today?

d²X’s strength is the attentive listening to the needs of the consultants and the clients by putting their trust in their collaborateurs and their capacities. Today, the confidence that d²X brings me allows me to move forward in serenity, while capitalizing on the strength of our community, sharing of experience and good practices that pushes me to be better every day.  For a constantly growing company, d²X maintains a real close relationship with their consultants, everyone finds their place quite naturally in the company. This is really a « bonus » that is hard to find elsewhere.


What are the specifics of your job?

I’m in charge of a cross-functional digital project. I imposed a few rules on myself : to be connected to the global environment which surrounds me and to think about the process (this is so important) as it allows me to have a 360 ° vision of my project in the company and of everything around it. My daily routine comes down to this: giving meaning to everyone's actions, following a defined course of action and reaching deliverables with a "smile" and listening to contributors if there is any consolidated doubt. I'm just a « conductor » who needs the talents of each of his « musicians ».


What are you working on lately? What kind of mission do you have?

I supervise the project of my client’s new network: the set up of a new wifi network (900 terminals), the replacement of telecom infrastructure and the tripling of bandwidth at 280 sites. Nowadays, I am responsible for steering and monitoring the deployment of new working tools. It is the deployment of more than 2000 laptops to WIN 10 and the deployment of the telephony integrated to the laptop (softphony) requiring a wireless headset. It is a cross-functional project impacting different area departments, but above all the working habits of the 2,000 collaborators involved in agencies. As a result, I also interact daily with my d²X colleagues in charge of change management.


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

The client's new operated network including the replacement of telecom infrastructure and the repair of the client's IT technical premises. And it was a pleasure to have the support of Marie Thizy on the management of more than 1,700 physical intentions on 280 sites in 18 months. A real challenge for the client and for us because the client did not hesitate to ask for "perfection" on this project !


What makes the difference at d²X?

Differences that make the difference... what does it mean?!

The most notable differences at d²X are:

- the attentive listening of my manager in my daily life, which is important for me,

- the desire to belong to a collective,

- and the encouragement of an intrapreneurial approach.

It is this vision of a company that I appreciate and that drives me.


Thank you Riad for answering our questions !