Interview d²X consultant : Elaine Migrenne

16 October 2019

Thank you to Elaine Migrenne, d²X Lyon, for this interview about her experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I was offered a Change management assignment for a client with whom I have already worked for 5 years and whose sector I particularly like. d²X has a vision and a modern work culture, based on mutual exchange and collaboration. I didn't need more information to convince myself to join the Lyon agency.

What is d²X’s strength?

The strength of this company is clearly its ability to adapt to the needs of its customers by offering a diversified but complementary range of skills. d²X's vision is cross-functional and its expertise in IT is from start to finish.

What are the specificities of your job?

Our main role is to be a facilitator between:

  • The governance of a project with its objectives and constraints,
  • and the end customer with its requirements and needs.

In concrete terms, the change management consultant supports the transformation of an organization through the study and management of the various impacts of change.

What are you working on right now or lately? What kind of mission do you have?

I am working for a transport company, which wants to acquire a single ITSM tool to monitor its IT activities and align itself with the best practices of the ITIL reference framework. My mission is to support the various assistance and support groups in the deployment of this tool and in the harmonization of their business processes.

What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

This is my very first mission as a consultant. So it is necessarily emblematic for me!

What makes the difference at d²X?

What makes the difference at d²X is its ability to offer global support.


Thank you Elaine for this interview!