Interview d²X consultant : Marc Bensilhe

04 July 2019

Thank you to Marc Bensilhe, Project Director and d²X consultant, for this interview about his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

After working 13 years for an "internal" client, I decided to give a new direction to my career. I knew d²X Expertise through an acquaintance who worked there, and I was drawn to the positioning of the company. This is how my experience at d²X began.


What is the main strength of d²X today?

In my opinion, the most important strength of d²X is its positioning: I believe the company’s offer is clear and understandable and perfectly covers our customers’ needs of expertise.


What are the specificities of your job?

The job of Project Director requires to have a very broad view of IT and being able to take a step back and analyze your projects.

Having held various positions within IT departments allowed me to understand the different aspects of IT and learn to "adjust my glasses" to keep projects under control, analyze the various situations and propose appropriate solutions.

In addition, my experience as a final customer is a real added value because I have the ability to easily and instantly understand the expectations and issues of our customers.


What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a buyout project within a large group. It is more specifically a joint venture and I intervene in advance with the IT department to secure the project. The stakes are obviously high, and this mission is part of an international framework which makes it more complex but also more rewarding.

Before that, I had the opportunity to work in different sectors and on various long-term projects, such as a Big Data-oriented mission involving the management and coordination of the different suppliers and internal stakeholders, or the relocation of a data center abroad.


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

Relocating a data center is probably my most emblematic mission at d²X. Indeed, it was necessary to steer and set the actions of the various stakeholders (more than 100 contributors in total) while respecting the deadlines, the budget and the constraints of security and continuity of service. There was no room for error. The success of this project has been a great reward and great collective pride.