Interview d²X consultant : Thibault Chaya

13 June 2019

Thibault Chaya, PMO/Data Manager (d²X Ile de France) answered our questions on his experience at d²X. 


DSC2 5239
Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X Expertise as a PMO consultant in November 2018. I had been contacted by d²X and I immediately had a good feeling with the recruitment team and with one of the Business Unit Managers of Ile de France. I appreciated his presentation on d²X, especially all the answers he gave me and the sincerity of our discussion.

I chose d²X for one of its job streams:  project management (in IT!). After working in a large industrial group, I was quite attracted by the size of d²X: the company is neither too big nor too small. Finally, the type of missions, the variety and the nature of the clients have convinced me: I believe that missions with "big account" customers are inherently more interesting than in small structures.

I also find it interesting at d²X to be able to interact with other more senior consultants. Finally, I am interested in the international sites of the group: I would like one day to go to Singapore!

What do you think is the strength of d²X today?

The strengths are not necessarily related to the seniority of d²X consultants, as we usually say, because I'm 15 years younger than the average age of the consultants at d²X!

For me, our strengths are:

  • Listening and understanding the needs of our clients,
  • Having the thinking process to respond appropriately,
  • Having a strong link between manager, client, and consultant. Proximity management is a reality: I have a real monitoring of my mission with my manager and we talk to each other almost every week. "


What are the specificities of your job?

As a PMO, I support business transformations (agile transformations or capacity system transformations) and steer the monitoring of project portfolios.

This requires:

  • to have an ability to understand different subjects,
  • to be able to interact with various stakeholders,
  • be able to process and analyze a lot of information.
What are you working on right now?

My mission was essentially in PMO and data management but evolved 100% towards Data Management within a “workload entry” team composed of PMOs and “staffers”. As a Data Manager, I support the team by contributing to the development of the tools (staffing, capacity management) and the training of the team on the tools and help them set up. For example, we will develop with Spotfire a monitoring and reporting tool that groups all the projects and allows to research by domain or by the project.