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Technical Project Management
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The intervention of an experienced consultant has enabled to diagnose the hotspots of the server farm's configuration.


With more than 350 agencies worldwide, grounds with over 13 000 vehicles (including 9000 trailers) and 5 000 000 m² of warehouse space, the Norbert Dentressangle group is the european leader of the transport and logistics sectors.

Beyond the traditional offers of Transport, of Logistics and of Freight Forwarding, the group has developed in relation to its big clients innovative offers of service resting mainly on the Information System's performance and its accessibility to third parties.


d²X Expertise intervened within the operating entity in order to ensure :

  • firstly, the installation, configuration, and optimisation of the CITRIX server farm,
  • secondly, the initial current exploitation of this server farm: supervision of the external hardware maintenance, steering of the new facilities' deployment, etc...

Issues & Goals

Norbert Dentressangle IT provides to its customers, both interns and externs, a secured access to the Information System resting, in particular, on a thin client infrastructure and on a CITRIX server farm composed of around a hundred servers.

In autumn 2010, the thin client access showed signs of weaknesses : supervision difficulties, performance issues for the distant users, etc...

The situation was deemed critical by the clients and the group's executive board.


The intervention of an experienced consultant certified on CITRIX presentation server technologies has enabled to diagnose in 15 days the hotspots of the server farm's configuration.

The whole of the recommended solutions and adjustments, including the necessary external interventions, have been implemented in only 2 months.


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