A PMO for what purpose ?

Gouvernance Project Portfolio Management PMO

A question of vocabulary !

Is the PMO or Project/Program Management Office, that we also hear called Project Portfolio Manager (PPM), only a great project manager?

Main tasks :

  • Reduce the total possession cost thanks to a network of planning and non-client project management,
  • Manage by exception the operations by viewing in real-time the project's status, health and the deliverable products, in an intuitive dashboard providing an overview of the project,
  • Integrate the projects and process controls in order to reduce delay overruns, as well as the risks and costs,
  • Favour the collaboration project-level by using the best practices' methodology, so that the participants are involved in the appropriate moment and dispose of adequate information,
  • Improve the productivity thanks to a real-time visibility on the resources, processes, statuses and dependencies...

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