Interview d²X consultant: François Cossid

22 April 2021

François Cossid, Project Director (d²X Paris) answered our questions about his experience at d²X.



Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X after more than twenty years in fixed positions as a Project Manager, Project Director and CIO.

At the beginning of my career, I worked for seven years in the service industry.I was considering joining a consulting firm again to share my thirty years of experience in the management of transformation and organization projects. A friend who had joined the company put me in touch with d²X. I quickly connected with the people I met during the recruitment process and I joined the company in March 2020.


In your opinion, what is d²X's strength today?

d²X provides experienced consultants to support companies in their strategic axes, their projects driven by the stakes or by the deadlines. The consultants I have met all have solid background and expertise adapted to our customers' businesses. It is a great strength to be able to answer quickly by providing an effective assistance and support.


What are the specifics of your job?

It requires many skills to lead large projects. You have to understand your clients' needs and be able to work with different profiles, both technical and functional. You have to give meaning to the project, motivate the people involved and federate the teams. Sometimes you have to take a more directive approach if the situation requires it. You should manage projects taking into account the scope, the schedule, the budget, the capacity to do and the risks.

A solid experience in project management is a precious help to reach the assigned objectives.


What kind of mission do you have at the moment?

I have often been involved in the creation or evolution of an IT department or in the launch of strategic projects.

With my last client, I was involved in a major digital transformation program for the Sales Department and the Claims Department. My mission consisted in helping to complete the design phases of two projects for the Sales Department, without compromising the project already underway for the Claims Department. I was working for an health insurance company. My interlocutors were as much the members of the business departments, as the IT stakeholders located in France within the three brands of this health insurance group...


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

I joined d²X on the first day of the lockdown in France, in March 2020. Needless to say, I will remember for a long time this mission launching at this insurance company and an essentially remote working activity.


What makes the difference at d²X?

I haven't been able to meet many people because of the health crisis, but I feel a real professionalism amongst all the collaborators. I could feel respect and genuine kindness in the relationships despite this difficult context and the lack of face-to-face contact.


Thank you François for this interview!



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