Our collaborators have a double life: Camille Huet

30 November 2021

Share a part of the life of our collaborators! This month, let's talk about Camille Huet (d²X Switzerland) who joined us for an intership, and has a degree in work psychology.


Double vie BDE 1

What is your academic background?

I started my academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Human Medicine at the University of Geneva. Despite two years of hard work, I did not manage to complete my first year. I then switched to a bachelor's degree in Psychology. I came to Psychology with a clear idea of what I wanted to do. My goal was to become a psychotherapist with the idea, as in medicine, of treating individuals. Then, reality caught up with me: becoming a psychotherapist is still 4 to 5 years of study after the Master's degree (not to mention the cost of the training)... I therefore decided to change my plans and to turn to Work and Organizational Psychology.

Since September 2021, i am officially a work and organization Psychologist.


What does your degree entail?

Work and organizational psychology training consists of the understanding and analysis of human behavior in a professional setting. This includes on the one hand staff psychology which deals with issues such as recruitment, staff selection, career development, work performance and the end of the relationship between employer and employee.

We are also trained in work psychology, i.e. the effects of work on employees. We work particularly on employee motivation and satisfaction.

Organizational psychology is also an area that we study during this master's degree. It deals with aspects such as communication, teamwork, leadership, conflictual relationships but also counterproductive behaviors in an organization.

Finally, we are also trained in the fields of statistics and data analysis. This allows us to conduct scientific studies on topics related to work psychology. For example, I was able to write my thesis on the links between certain personality traits and professional depression.


What did you like about this degree?

I wanted to take this master's degree because, in my opinion, the human aspect is sometimes forgotten in the professional world. Moreover, I was interested in this training because there were few of us who started it, which allowed us to have a more friendly relationship with our professors and colleagues.


What next? What's your dream job afterwards?

Afterwards, I would like to focus on the well-being of individuals at work.

Indeed, it is essential that employees are fulfilled in their professional career in order to be more motivated to work and thus increase their performance. Having fulfilled employees is beneficial both for the employees themselves and for the company.

Fortunately, in 2021 more and more companies have realized the importance of employee well-being, but there is still room for improvement!


Thank you Camille for answering our questions!


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