Our consultants have a double life: Vincent WOLF

27 October 2022

Share a piece of our consultants' lives by discovering their passions! This month, let's discover the second life of Vincent WOLF who plays badminton and squash.


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What is your passion/double life?

Since I was a child, I have always loved playing badminton. More recently, I started playing squash!


When and how did you start?

I started playing badminton in high school during sports classes, but I thought it was not enough. I signed up for other classes and I've always more or less continued to play this sport (with a short break during the Covid period).

For squash, I started this year in 2022. During the re-enrolment process, a friend and I said to each other "why not try”?


What do you like about these sports?

For both sports, what I like the most is the fact that it's physical without having the impression of spending too much time because I enjoy playing it!

In comparison, I tried running or going to the gym, which bored me very quickly, which is not the case with badminton or squash!


And in your daily life, how does your passion fit in?

It's always been at a leisurely level without wanting to compete. I don't play badminton at the moment but I do 2-3 squash trainings of 1h-1h30 per week.


Have you acquired any skills that you use in your professional life?

Through badminton, in doubles it would be mainly the mutual trust with your partner. On the one hand, to be able to leave him the responsibility on his part of the court but also to be able to support him when he has difficulties. The second point would be to understand and accept the mistakes of the others but also your own when you don't succeed!

In simple terms, it is to concentrate on what you must do to reach your objective and to do it in less movements so as not to exhaust yourself. This could be translated as not "burning off gas" which can be found in our clients.


Thank you to Vincent for his testimony.


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