Our consultants have a double life: Eugénie Lamouri

18 July 2022

Share a part of the life of our collaborators by discovering their hobbies! This month, let's talk about Eugénie Lamouri, consultant for our Swiss agency, and her passion for hiking.

 Double vie PHA 2

What is your double life?

When the weekend comes, my husband, my daughter and I love to discover our beautiful Alps region by going on hiking trips. Our favorites are those of the Mont Salève a few kilometers from our home.


When and how did you start?

In a previous life (just a few months ago!), I lived in the Paris area and ran a lot; my favorite distance was the half-marathon. When we moved to Haute-Savoie (in the Alps), I was looking for a way to explore my new region and get some exercise at the same time. Once I get used to the steep roads, I would like to start Trail running!


What do you like about this hobby?

I love the fact that I can share moments with my family. Even if my daughter is young (3 and a half years old) she enjoys walking, discovering and using her walking sticks "like the grown-ups". Then, I think of all these landscapes that we discover when we arrive at the top and this great breath of fresh air that reminds us how lucky we are to be there.


And in your daily life, how does your passion fit in?

Hiking is kind of our weekend ritual but at the moment, as the days are being longer, we like to go for a part of our favorite hike to the Bastion Tower at the top of the Salève.


Have you acquired skills that you use in your professional life?

Whether it's running or hiking, I think it has taught me to develop my desire to reach my goals and not lose sight of what's at the end despite the obstacles.

A hike is like a mini project with one or more goals, with means, milestones and even risks.

Double vie ELA


Thank you Eugénie for answering our questions!