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Role and tasks 
Franck is a confirmed head of IT services, his ITIL references paired with his knowledge in management, his technical skills, his knowledge in development, enabled him to organise and create service-orientated IT services.

Previous experiences
After a year within a production team, as computer operator, Franck led his first IT exploitation service at 23 years old.

At 30 years old and strong with these diverse experiences, he created his first IT exploitation service.

Then Franck wished to join the Rhône Alpes region, where he was consecutively head of exploitation, transverse project manager and then created a service of application management in the context of an outsourcing resumption, being head of an IT service and head of production.


Professional record
  • Servimo, Head of IT, 5 years
  • Guilde des Lunetiers (Krys opticians), head of exploitation, 4 years
  • Auchan/Publix, Head of exploitation, 4 years
  • Multi-Client Service Provider, 4 years
  • CIT CASINO, Project Manager then head of application management, 2 years
  • RFF, Head of Production, 2 years
  • Programmer analyst, 1 year


Main skills


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