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Abdallah MADANI

Role and tasks

Where applications, increasingly agile, meet an increasingly structured operation... Positioned in between the operations teams and the studies and development entities, Abdallah is our DEVOps specialist ...

Previous experience

After having started within global giants such as XEROX and then EDS, Abdallah joined the Casino group to work as Project Manager. After joining the Department of Information Systems in 2004, he created in 2007 the Testing department which he managed until 2012.

Along his career, Abdallah steered large-scaled operations, including :

  • the deployment of ERP Gold for warehouses and shops,
  • the resumption of Monoprix infrastructures on behalf of Casino,
  • the implementation of a data warehouse of european dimension at XEROX.


Professional record
  • XEROX, Technician, 8 years
  • EDS, Head of Infocenter, 10 years
  • Casino, Study Project Manager, 3 years
  • Casino, Head of Central Purchasing Service, 2 years
  • CIT Casino, Head of Outsourcing, 2 years
  • CIT Casino, ERP Project Manager, 2 years
  • CIT Casino, Head of Testing department, 5 years


  • 8 years XEROX product technician
  • 2 years Head of Purchasing
  • 18 years Head of IT projects of any nature


Main skills


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