d²X Expertise : jury member of the Worldskills competition

13 April 2021

d²X Expertise was selected to be part of the jury in the IT Network Systems Administration category at the upcoming French Finals of the 46th WorldSkills Competition. Nicolas Royer, Resource Manager at d²X, helps the winner from the Rhône-Alpes region to prepare for the competition.

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What is the Worldskills Competition?

The WorldSkills Competition is the world's largest skills competition! Held every two years, the objective is to allow young professionals from all over the world to compete in their professions during an international competition (after being selected during regional and national stages). Nearly 50 skills and 85 countries are represented during 4 days of competition.


Who can participate to represent France ?

All young professionals from all over France, who are less than 23 years old the year of the international competition - except for candidates for some skills.


Grégory Wallon, coached by Nicolas Royer, Resource Manager at d²X, is competing in the IT Network Systems Administration category and will represent the Rhône-Alpes region at the French national finals from 07/01/2021 to 07/04/2021 in Issy les Moulineaux. We asked him a few questions during his preparation phase for the national finals:

Hello Grégory, could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Gregory Wallon, I'm 21 years old and I've been an apprentice for 3 years to prepare a Master’s Degree in Systems and Networks Administration. Before I started my studies in computer science, I was an industrial mechanic.


How is the Worldskills competition going?

The competition takes place in three stages: regional, national and international.

  • The regional phase is the first stage of this competition, organized in France in each region ; the event lasts 8 hours.
  • The national phase:

After participating in the regional phase, I was selected for the french finals. Previously there was only one phase for the national finals but things have changed compared to the health crisis. The first phase of the national finals will be in July and the second phase in Lyon in 2022. There will be two tests to complete over 3 days of events (8 hours per day) and each will count for 50% of the score. The objective is to select the French team that will represent France abroad.

  • The international phase: participants will have the chance to join the French team to participate in the international WorldSkills competition in China in 2022.


Why did you decide to participate in Worldskills?

Last year, a co-worker told me about the competition because he thought it would be beneficial for me and the school I work for. I looked into it further and found it very interesting. So I decided to give it a try, without any pretense. During this period of regional and national events, I learned a lot on a technical level because the topics are very complex and dense. This national phase also allows me to be put in contact with other professionals and to exchange about our jobs. My motto for this competition: give everything I have and see what happens.


Do you know the subjects of the national tests?

Not everything is communicated. The National Expert writes topics and communicates them to all participants with the requested technology and instructions 90 days before the competition. On the day of the competition, we expect changes of about 30% compared to the topics communicated before. It is well known that the topics are complicated, but it is these changes that can turn the competition around.


How are you preparing and for how long?

I have been preparing since January. In particular, I learn all the technologies by heart so as not to be surprised by the changes made by the national expert and I am coached by Nicolas Royer and the team he created for this national stage.


Nicolas Royer (Resource Manager at d²X): his role

In each region, professionals from the industry have been contacted to become judges for the national phase of this competition. Being a jury member includes two roles:

  • Supporting the regional champion in his or her development of skills, the management of subjects and of the event (physical and mental preparation) by sharing their experience and finding the necessary resources,
  • Be part of the jury member to vote during the national competition part.


How is your training going with Nicolas and the team?

The topics given by the national expert are very broad and involves many technologies and fields. It is therefore necessary to interact with experts in each technology to learn more. Nicolas's role is to help me and find resources that would have the answers to my questions on these areas.

I work on our subjects every weekend and then we meet every Thursday with the team for about 3 hours so they can answer my questions and resolve any concerns I may have had for the rest of the week.


Thank you Grégory for answering our questions and good luck for this stage of the national finals: we are all with you!


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