Dexia entrusts to d²X Expertise a new steering mission

07 July 2014

d²X Ile de France is awarded a new contract by Dexia and simultaneously welcomes Stéphane COLOMBOT as a new collaborator...

Firstly, Stéphane will ensure on behalf of Dexia Crédit Local a mission whose main features are the following :

  • management of configurations for the office automation equipment (applications, licenses, contracts),
  • administration of the metrology's plateform « Newtest » for performance measures,
  • on the fly office management (management of directories, of rights...),
  • implementation and monitoring of production indicators (config, incident management, Capacity, change, performance measure)

French subsidiary of the banking group Dexia, Dexia Crédit Local has been, for numerous years, the prime reference partner of the local public sector in France.

Following the difficulties linked to the crisis within the Euro zone and, more generally, of the hardening of the macroeconomic environment, Dexia Crédit Local has redefined its missions and is now working to ensure its contractual commitments and to drive, in partnership with the concerned communities, an active policy of desensitisation of structured credits. Dexia Crédit Local remains attentive to its clients and strives to find cooperative solutions with them. Given the withdrawal of numerous lending institutions of the local public sector's fincancial market in France, a new funding mechanism is being implemented by La Banque Postale and the Caisse des Dépôts, whilst leaning on the skills of the Dexia Crédit Local's teams. It is in this context that the Société de Financement Local (SFIL) was created.


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