The SFIL entrusts to d²X Expertise a mission of relocation steering

12 May 2014

The relocation of the SFIL, from the DEXIA site in Paris-La Défense to a new site in Issy-les-Moulineaux (in development), is expected in the 4th quarter 2014. It concerns around 500 people.

The missions entrusted to d²X consists of several features :

  • Project steering
    • steer the internal construction site managers,
    • steer the Telecom subcontractors, installers, Lan/Wan networks, video Conf,... in the context of the project ;
    • lead the project steering commitees,
    • accomplish the reporting in relation to the SFIL governance,
    • accomplish on request framing studies and or opportunity studies linked to the relocation.
  • Specific IT laying out of the site
    • organise the work groups with the Dexia and SFIL internal teams to cover the technical work packages : vertical and horizontal cabling, office automation (workstations, printers, fax...), trading floors equipment...
    • ensure the progress of the different work groups according to a provisional schedule,
    • participate in calls for tenders with the technical teams on the needs specific to the relocation,
    • coordinate the implementation of the different technical work packages/lots.
  • Relocation
    • organise the different stages of the relocation : serve as relay and internal coordinator between the different services,
    • coordonate the  accomplishment of the relocation on the site.


For more information: contact Isabelle BILLOT, Account Manager Ile de France.