d²X announces the creation of its evaluation and training organization

11 June 2021

The d²X People Performance entity, created in January 2021, supports the CIOs of large companies in their skills transformations: recruitment, evaluation and training. Convinced that securing commitments is intrinsically related to the hard and soft skills of the people involved in projects, d²X expertise created an evaluation and training body: d²X Ak@demy. 


bandeau d²X Akdemy 

We asked a few questions about the development of d²X to Bernard de Balmann, co-founder and president of d²X Expertise :


Why did you launch d²X Ak@demy?

We created d²X Expertise because we noticed that the quality of project management, particularly in the IT department, was a recurring subject that was not always well addressed. We started our historical niche positioning on Project Management, then completed it with Service Management and Contract Management.

With d²X Ak@demy, we now have a 360° offer and provide an answer to our clients who have decided to keep their management resources in-house, or to those who are concerned about improving the skills of their teams.


What is d²X Ak@demy?

d²X Ak@demy is a specialized training and evaluation organization that addresses human factor topics in the management of IT departments. Beyond classic topics (Project Management, support or preparation for certifications, Agility, etc.), the Ak@demy intervenes on expert subjects such as Program Management or Hybridization of project methods that come from our knowledge acquired during the consulting missions. The Ak@ademy has a double positioning: a part "on catalogue" with scheduled sessions and a part "à la carte", resulting from specific engineering activities.


Who is Ak@demy for?

In terms of individuals/trainees, this organisation is aimed at all people working in first or second level IT management positions, at all levels. The Ak@demy allows us to define the career paths of individuals and to help them progress on the chosen paths.


What has happened since the creation of d²X People Performance?

We are delighted with the success of the implementation of d²X Ak@demy. Since January 1st, we have already trained more than 200 trainees on classic topics such as Project Management bases or agility as well as on innovative topics (Program management or Hybridization).

d²X Ak@demy is ready to start from July 1st, about 10 sessions per month in a regular mode.

Don't miss the numerous training courses already available in our catalog, divided into 4 areas of expertise: PM excellence, hybridization and agility, certification support and behavioral skills.


What is the added value of d²X Ak@demy?

To have trained 200 trainees since the beginning of the year with an organization that did not exist before January 1st demonstrates that d²X Ak@demy meets a real market need.


To know more about d²X Ak@demy and People Performance, contact Sébastien MALLET (Director of People Performance), or Charlotte BERARDI (Business Development Manager).