d²X Expertise announces the creation of a new entity

11 February 2021
  • FinOps, DevOps, DevsecOps, DataOps, GitOps... and the operations in all that?
  • How can I respond to increasing service level requirements in a context of changing business models?
  • Our management tools seem to be malfunctioning since the implementation of value chains, how can I regain control?

These are the questions CIOs' staffs ask to give meaning to and reconnect their strategy with the people in charge of execution.

Our answer to dealing with uncertainty and complexity? An approach that hybridizes Lean Startup - Agile - systemic approach.

 mc²o entity: continuous improvement and innovation

The new mc²o entity complements the d²X group's offers on subjects of continuous improvement and innovation. mc²o supports the CIOs' staffs to help IT managers and business lines collaborate better in order to provide technologies that care about the people who use them: change by design, evolution of service offers and managerial practices ...



Jonathan GAUTIER joins the d²X Group on this occasion, as the associate director of the mc²o entity.

After starting out in the Web hosting and business development industries, Jonathan spent most of his career working in consulting firms to help align business lines and application systems and operations departments. These experiences have allowed him to understand the importance of the systemic and bring creative proposals to meet the challenges of his clients, especially in situations where they have to reinvent themselves.

"d²X Expertise has been recognized for more than 10 years for a specialty that has become its trademark: securing IT department commitments. The creation of mc²o corresponds to one of our strategic axes, aimed at reinforcing our capacity to intervene in adivsory mode. It responds to a growing market demand for continuous improvement, innovation and operational excellence. It is a pragmatic complement to the interventions of strategy consulting firms."



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