Interview d²X consultant: Jean Millet

15 June 2021

Jean Millet, Senior Project Manager (d²X Nantes) answered our questions about his experience at d²X.



Why did you join d²X?

After 16 years in a large IT consulting firm with hundreds of thousands of employees, I wanted to join a human-sized structure. I was particularly interested in the positioning of d²X, centered on the offer of steering services, with senior profiles, within agencies close to their customers, and having a genuine national and international dimension.


In your opinion, what is d²X's strength today?

  • d²X brings together experienced consultants from a wide range of backgrounds: this allows for real enrichment of each employee and, by extension, of each assignment. The animation of the sharing of experiences, the capitalization of knowledge, the mutual help, are realities on which d²X invests concretely.
  • The agencies remain on a human scale. This facilitates the commitment of the consultants to the strong values of the company and the customers recognize them: loyalty and respect of the commitments, implication of the consultants, value proposition, ...
  • The positioning of d²X around the piloting is really differentiating.


What are the specifics of your job?

I am a Project Manager, which means everything and nothing, since the realities vary greatly depending on the size of the projects, the stakes, the fields of application, and the organizations.

The specificity common to all project managers resides, it seems to me, in the mastery of the famous triptych 'cost / quality / deadlines' granted by the sponsor for the achievement under control of the 'promises' of the project expected by the customer, by implementing the appropriate means.

The project manager coordinates the various stakeholders. He/she organizes and controls the necessary human, technical and material resources; he/she readapts the roadmap according to the hanges... all the way from design to delivery. We are therefore involved in the construction, organization, and supply of a new value-added tool, unlike the stakeholders linked to the run process, which are more concerned with securing, industrializing, and optimizing its scope over time.

The very complete model formalized by the PMI perfectly develops the role of the project manager in all its scope.


What kind of mission do you have at the moment?

I'm finishing an exciting and very demanding mission with a company that manages the administrative management of employee savings accounts.

Recently, I managed a redesign program that allowed me to enrich the business offer of the Enterprise website with a new document exchange platform and to lay the first brick of a new service-oriented architecture that will serve as a foundation for many future projects.


What makes the difference at d²X?

As mentioned above, d²X agencies are human-sized. In my opinion, what makes the difference at d²X is the mutual trust!


Thank you Jean for this interview!