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Stéphane NICOL

Project Manager

Role and tasks

Stéphane has been a consultant in information services for more than 15 years. His expertise : the study and the putting into production of the functional evolutions and techniques brought by the projects in order to face the businesses' new strategic challenges.

Previous experience

After having started off as System Engineer, Stéphane specialised in the management of IT projects within IT productions of Key Account clients.

Armed with this experience, Stéphane has managed to take in charge projects such as:
  • the complete overhaul of a backup and storage architecture in CYRIEL,
  • the putting into production of the different technical and functional series of a platform for integration of the operator Bouygues Telecom's strong added value services (SMS+, fee-for-service...),
  • the steering of projects linked to the exploitation of General Public and Firms IPTV for Bouygues Telecom's ISP.


Professional record
  • SOCIETE GENERALE, Engineer, 2 years
  • ORANGE, System Engineer, 1 year
  • GRANDOPTICAL, System Engineer, 2 years
  • BOUYGUES TELECOM, Infrastructure Project Manager, 8 years
  • CYRIEL, Infrastructure Project Manager, 2 years


  • 4 years Infrastructure Project Manager
  • 6 years Production Project Manager
  • 5 years System Engineer


Main skills


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