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Grégoire BAYONNE

Project Manager

Role and tasks

Grégoire is a multidisciplinary project manager : deployment of mass information systems, IT asset management, and more generally every type of project with a predilection for the material subjects and infrastructures.

Previous Experience

After starting as technical manager of an agency, Grégoire specialised in the management of IT assets and in mass deployment.

Armed withthis complete and precise experience, Grégoire has managed to drive several big deployment projects :
  • complete overhaul of the AFPA's collaborative infrastructure,
  • deployment of 10 000 desktops across 3 years,
  • migration of 4500 active network elements on 270 sites,
  • global technical management (Assets, Suppliers).

Grégoire has then orientated his career to the management of the matieral field; he has handled up to 45000 desktops, 4500 printers, 3700 servers across 270 national sites.


Professional record
  • Allium, 3 years
  • Société suisse de banque, 2 years
  • Lagardère actives ressources, 3 years
  • Econocom, 5 years
  • AFPA , 1 year


  • 18 years in IT
  • 16 years in deployment
  • 12 years in asset management
  • 8 years in project management


Main skills


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