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Project Manager, Architect, Head of Information Systems

Role and tasks

Gilles has a versatile profile, putting his transverse knowledge of information systems, his experience and his unusual career path in the service of missions which he is entrusted to (project manager, Architect, development/operation link, etc...).

Previous experience

His experience in the various IT jobs, so much in development than in the implementation of technical solutions (infras, network, security), allows him to have a transverse view essential to the efficiency of a sustainable solution. His managerial experience enables him to federate teams around a project or a common realisation. His project management certifications provide the methods necessary to the follow-ups and formalisations of operations and actions.


Professional record
  • IT Consulting Services, Consultant, 2 years
  • IBM, Head of Information Systems.Head of Information Systems Security, 10 years
  • WIKA, Head of Information Systems, 7 years
  • IT Consulting Services, Architect & Project Manager, 6 years
  • Air Force, 13 years


  • 2 years as PMO
  • 5 years development
  • 12 years network and telecoms technician
  • 17 ans Head of Information Systems


Main skills


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