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Stéphane LANGE


Role and tasks

Stéphane is a multidisciplinary Information Systems Architect combining knowledge of IT infrastructures and their security with project management, while possessing a strong sense of customer service.

Today he intervenes with our clients on the architecture of BigData projects (Teradata, Hadoop) and on applications of high security standards.

Previous experience

After having started as network administrator, Stéphane accomplished the majority of his career within Ubisoft. Resting on good ITIL® practices, he traveled the world to professionalise the IT Infrastructure services of this leader of video games.

He then took charge of the Information System's Security by deploying a Security Management System based on the ISO 27001 standard, and accompanied the security of massively online developments.


Professional record
  • HR Team – MCE-5 – Infrastructure and Security Architect, 1 year
  • Ubisoft – Head of Information Systems Security, 5 years
  • Ubisoft – Head of IT Infrastructures, 6 years
  • L’Atelier Numérique – Head of IT, 1 year


  • 3 years Information Systems Architect
  • 6 years Head of Infrastructures
  • 5 years Head of Security
  • 1 year Head of IT
  • 2 years Systems and Network Administrator


Main skills


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