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Head of Projects - Architect

Role and tasks

Multidisciplinary Head of Projects (Technical studies, Production, Infrastructures, Service Management), Patrick intervenes in the fields of Information Systems and ICT governance, in technical expertise on complex architectures, in transverse management of IT production, in support of tender call drafting.

Previous experience

After a technical start to his career on systems and architecture design of calculators and of operation systems, he orientated himself towards project management and towards work on IT and Information Systems architecture, in particular :

  • head of project and technical architect at UNEDIC,
  • head of programme on the growth and reliability of the Information Systems at SFR,
  • systems architect for the high performance computing field for Compaq - HP,
  • head of the CMDB project for the State of Geneva's CTI.


Professional record
  • Michelin, support and development, 4 years
  • Digital Equipment, trainer, support and R&D, technical consultant, 10 years
  • UNEDIC, Technical Architect and Head of Projects, 3 years
  • SFR, Head of Programmes, 2 years
  • Compaq/HP, Consultant and Architect, 4 years
  • Solog, Consultant then Head of production, 9 years


  • 15 years amongst manufacturers and publishers
  • 10 years in IT consulting services
  • 8 years in industry, insurance and administration


Main skills


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