Interview d²X consultant : Sudarshi Hewage

06 November 2019

Sudarshi Hewage, PMO (d²X Singapore) answered our questions on her experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I had recieved a offer from another company when d²X offered me the PMO position. The reason I selected d²X was due to their friendly casual yet professional nature of working. The position I was offered was at one of the most reputed banks in France.


What is d²X’s strength for you? What makes it different? 

Instead of an agency, d²X is a consulting company with frequent interaction with their collaborators ensuring smooth assignments at the client sites or providing possibilities of coaching if necessary. Having frequent events/sessions with the collaborators, especially when d²X founders (Anthony Dubost or Bernard De Balmann) are in Singapore is very interesting and creates a very friendly, open culture.


Describe in few lines your missions, role and responsibilities

My current mission is in the banking sector as a PMO in the Corporate Banking IT Department. I am in a transversal role where my roles and responsibilities span in, but not limited to, budget management, staff management, project follow-up, coordinate between Core Banking IT department and CIO office to ensure operational activities run smoothly.


What are the challenges that you are facing in your assignment? What do you do to rise to those challenges?

The most recent challenge was when my Reporting Manager decided to hand me down total accountability and responsibility on budget management and staff management. I needeed to work closely with the Paris teams, Section Heads in Singapore, and HR teams:

  • to ensure correct utilisation on budget (and follow up),
  • to handle the staff plan (understanding requirements in the various Corporate Banking IT sections, follow up with HR on the fullfilment, etc),
  • to report to management with dashboards on budget and staff management.

The topic on budget is completely a new area for me hence I had to (and I am) constantly liaising with Paris teams to better understand the various areas under budget.

Thank you Sudarshi for this testimonial!


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