4LTrophy: let's talk about the rallye!

11 April 2019

Let’s go back to the 4LTrophy experience with Léna Teolis and her teammate, Julien, from February 21 to March 3, 2019.


The 4L Trophy is a humanitarian raid for students and the goal is to bring school supplies to children in Morocco.

d²X Expertise sponsored the duo during these few days of travel to Morocco.

To learn more about this raid, please click here.

Here are the comments on their extraordinary adventure:

The team: 

"We are the 1586 crew, two best friends and students at IFAG LYON:

  • Lena TEOLIS
  • Julien L'HOURRE




A year ago, we decided to do the 4L Trophy and created our association which is named after our crew: TOP4L.

The adventure started here for us! "


The 4L:

"Our 4L was a 1986 sedan, which had already allowed a team to experience the 4L Trophy adventure in 2012. It was prepared by a rally specialist with over 30 years of experience in this field and 31 participations in Paris Dakar.



"We stayed 5 days in the desert. In the evenings, we were all gathered in a bivouac arranged by the organization. Everyday was different: driving in sand, pebbles, earth and mountains forced us to change the way we drove.

As in any project, problems can arise! We had 2 minor worries about the car:

  •  First the clutch cable that got damaged by the sand,
  • Secondly, a slow puncture of a tire due to the different changes of terrain and stones."


3 4


The most important step in our journey:


"We had a 2-day marathon stage at the end of the adventure. We were left by ourselves with no technical assistance, so we had to be careful not to have a mechanical problem to finish this step.

The marathon was divided into two parts, to finally finish the raid and arrived in Marrakech.




The first part was sandy and stony (about 200 km), and then we drove on small roads and paths (about 300 km).

We left Thursday, February 28 at 8am to finally arrive in Marrakech on Friday, March 1 at 17h.”




Feedback about the adventure: 

“We can say that this experience was rewarding.

This rallye allowed us to work in team, to manage a project and manage risks and be autonomous.

We want to thank d²X for helping us making this experience possible.

  • The 1586 crew
    • Lena TEOLIS
    • Julien L’HOURRE »




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