Interview d²X consultant: Thierry de Chalain

11 September 2020

Thierry de Chalain (d²X Paris) answered our questions about his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

A few years before I joined the team, I had the opportunity to respond to a call for tender with d²X. I found this first experience with d²X appealing and it made me want to work with the company. I maintained contact with the person who was to become my manager until the opportunity came for me to join d²X.


In your opinion, what is d²X's strength today?

For me d²X's strength lies in two main points:


  • Its closeness to the consultants, allowing constructive exchanges between them, or with the managers and the other collaborators,
  • Its ability to adapt to the needs of its clients while maintaining a high level of service, thus offering its consultants interesting assignments.


What are the specifics of your job?

The management of IT activities in RUN requires rigour, particularly in the implementation of ITIL processes and the monitoring of service quality, listening, due to the central position between the client, the outsourcing managers and the management on the client side, and adaptability to the specificities of the clients and the environments encountered.


What kind of mission do you have at the moment?

At the moment, I am supporting the Operational Pilot of the DevOps department of the DSIT (Information System and Telecommunications Directorate) for a client in the electricity sector. I am in charge of the service's RUN, in order to relieve the Service Operational Pilot , which can then refocus on his functions as Service Architect (in the SAFe sense of the term).

My mission is therefore to :

  • Manage the Facilities manager on a day-to-day basis and at operational committee meetings,
  • Analyse the use of the platform by our customers (internal to the group) and produce a certain number of reports,
  • Manage events (incidents, crises, production start-up, etc.) on a day-to-day basis.

At the same time, the DSIT asked me to take part in the worksites to prepare the implementation of the new ITxM (Service Now) solution, enabling me to bring them my knowledge in this field and my field experience (within the group and outside).


What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

My first mission for d²X, in January 2018, was to take on the role of support of the "POA" (Application Operational Pilot) for the same customer. This mission, lasted 6 months, and the client decided to position me on this POS DevOps support mission, a service emerging from the DSIT for which the RUN had yet to be built, with a major challenge: the transition from a Group Outsourcer and a dedicated TMA to another Group Outsourcer.


What makes the difference at d²X?

d²X remains a company on a human scale, with many opportunities to exchange with fellow consultants, our managers or other collaborators. The meetings, whether formal like the monthly agency meetings, or a little less like the evening meetings, encourage these exchanges and moments of conviviality.


Thank you Thierry!


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