The double life of our consultants: François-Pierre LEMER

18 February 2020

Share a part of the life of our consultants by discovering their hobbies! This month, let's talk about François-Pierre LEMER (d²X Switzerland) and his passion for volunteering in the organization and running of sports competitions.




What is your passion ?

I am a volunteer in the organization and running of sports competitions.


When and how did you start?

My first participation was last June. After having followed with pleasure, at the stadium or on television, athletics events, I discovered a little by chance that the organization of the Geneva meeting was looking for volunteers. I submitted my application and was selected to welcome the athletes the evening before the events at their hotel and the same day as the commissioner for the long jump event. I had a very good time at this event so I looked for more actively into volunteer for sports competitions. I was able to participate in the Escalade Race in December but especially in the Youth Olympic Games in January.


What do you like about this activity / passion?

What I like first of all is the state of mind that reigns during the event. The aim is to contribute to ensuring that the competition goes as well as possible for the athletes involved and the spectators who come to cheer them on. The objective is clear and shared by all. Recognition is immediate when an athlete thanks you for announcing a good performance or simply for securing their personal belongings.

Such events also provide the opportunity to experience moments of intense emotion, such as during the athletics meeting where we had to hang on to our shelter which was threatening to blow away in a storm or when, at the finish of the YOG cross-country skiing event, a young Swiss woman had to recover from her big disappointment of only finishing second and « come to her senses » for an interview.




And in your daily life, how does your passion fit in?

These events are punctual but create good memories whose images come back to me regularly. This gives the opportunity to share these experiences so that others /can take the plunge. And then, I inquire about possible future participations, always in sport or in other sectors such as entertainment or culture.


Have you acquired skills that you use in your professional life?

Of course, I have acquired practical knowledge about how things work "behind the scenes" at these events. There are practices similar to those seen in the organization and execution of IT services.

The most useful thing, however, is the ability to work with profiles of all origins, ages and backgrounds. As in a project team, it is necessary to tame the modes of interaction between members, respect each one with his or her desire to contribute and develop the motivation to act towards the common goal. The advantage is that in volunteering, everyone is a volunteer!

Finally, I will remember the importance of celebrating success. These events conclude with the delivery of a small souvenir, participation in a party or even the establishment of a diploma! Simple ideas to use to mark the end of a project.


(credit photos : F.P. Lemer)


Thank you François-Pierrre for this wonderful testimony! 


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