The double life of our consultants: Sundaresan Rungasamy

18 July 2019

Share a part of the life of our consultants by discovering their hobbies! Sundaresan RUNGASAMY (d²X Paris) talked to us about his passion: sport. 





What is your double life?

I am passionate about sports: I have a black belt in karate (Shotokan), I did Kick Boxing and Badminton (in competition since high school and then I had to stop because of a shoulder injury in 2001).

I also did Thai Boxing, then I got into a boxing ring and later became a coach. But after several injuries, I decided to stop everything.

Slowly, I started running again, a sport I have always practiced to strengthen my cardio training.


When and how have you started?

2 years ago, I decided to focus on off-road running: the trail. I started with short distances and then turned to Ultra-Trail* since January 2019.

*An ultra-trail is a sports competition, over a distance of ultramarathon, which means a run in a natural environment (forest, plain, mountain) over a very long distance.

I recently decided to live an extraordinary experience, called Sky Running. Skyrunning is a mountain running discipline up to 2000m or more, where the inclination is more than 30% and the climbing difficulty does not exceed 11°.


What do you like about this sport?

I like to escape the stress of my everyday life and feel free! We take the time to see life differently and better appreciate it at its true value. Verbier Trail Saint Bernard ( was one of the challenges I wanted to face, especially because Switzerland is famous for its mountains. I wanted to experience this freedom, to explore the beauty of nature from above, but also to feel how vulnerable we are in this natural environment. I realized that we are nothing at the top and that we must remain humble because anything can happen!



 (credit : Verbier Saint-Bernard)


And in your daily life, how do you express your hobby?

 I regularly practice with a group of runners, which allows me to build relationships with people outside the office who share the same passions. Sport also requires discipline and a healthy life.


Have you acquired any skill thanks to the sport you practice that you can use in your professional life?

  • Humility, empathy and helping others on their way!
  • We often said that "The Sky is the limit! ": everything has a solution!
  • Perseverance: never give up until a project is completed.


Thank you Sunny for this interview!


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