Interview d²X consultant : Mickael Charles

14 November 2019

Mickael Charles, Project Manager (d²X Switzerland), answered our questions on his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I joined d²X thanks to a common acquaintance with Sandrine GASTINE, Director of d²X Switzerland. A customer from the public service sector was then looking for a Project Manager, specializing in dematerialization, which matched my profile. It only took a few days for us to meet, and the client entrusted us with the mission. The challenge of carrying out such a strategic project for the client was particularly inspiring.

What do you think is the strength of d²X today?

I will speak as a collaborator: the fact that d²X has confidence in its teams to carry out the missions entrusted to them. I am convinced that the era of the "boss/employee", or "bossy controlling manager’", is now completely outdated and that the "employer/collaborator" trust is essential. The resulting autonomy is particularly valuable, so our customers always come first.

What are the specificities of your job?

I follow the usual methodologies for Project Managers, I even had the chance to obtain my Hermès 5 certification thanks to d²X. My particularity is my specialization in Input Management, i.e., mail reception, document dematerialization, and the use of Automatic Document Recognition and Reading tools, in order to automate processes, enter invoices or to route flows into EDMs or ERPs. Moreover, one must scrupulously follow all the rules of public procurement when working for the public service sector.

What are you working on right now or lately? What kind of mission do you have?

After a few months on the invoice dematerialization project, the customer asked me to take on two other projects of a completely different nature. The first project is the integration of an LMS (Learning Management System), which will enable online training to be delivered to the company's employees. And the other project is the acquisition of a financial narrative reporting solution, which will simplify the creation of their annual Account Book.

What was your most emblematic mission at d²X?

The invoice dematerialization project is particularly important and will have a huge impact on our customers. The tight schedule required me to integrate the team quickly, and I had to learn a lot of the mandatory rules, which are essential in terms of public procurement.

What makes the difference at d²X?

After only a few months at d²X, I was able to follow a training course and obtain a project management certification, which is essential in Switzerland, to be a Project Manager in the public domain. These trainings have a cost and are therefore a bet on the future for the company, so it is a gesture that must be noticed.