Interview d²X consultant : Stéphane Didillon

12 July 2019

Thank you to Stéphane Didillon, Project Manager and d²X consultant, for this interview about his experience at d²X. 



Why did you join d²X?

I worked for 15 years in a consulting company and I was co-opted by Julien Bontempelli. After being contacted two years ago, d²X told me about a mission for the State of Vaud to set up the software licenses processes and this was an opportunity to join the company.

I also appreciated the approach to give a chance to consultants with experienced profiles.


What is the strength of d²X?

In my opinion, the strength of d²X is the specificity of its positioning in terms of management (project management, service management, etc.). Few companies have such a targeted offer as d²X.

The strength of the company is also related to the experience of the consultants and the opportunity to intervene in big projects for IT entities of large accounts.


What are the specificities of your job?

It is necessary as a consultant, to be a facilitator, a "coach" towards the clients. The consultant is responsible for ensuring that clients put their strategies into practice.

The importance of human relationships must also be noted. To appreciate this job, strong skills in project management and service management are not enough, it is essential to appreciate human interactions to help the clients in their projects.


What are you working on now or lately? What kind of mission do you have?

I am oriented IT service management, and I am currently working on the evolution of ITIL V3 versus V4 and how to implement the ITIL V4 services governance within the clients.


What was your most iconic mission at d²X?

My most emblematic mission at d²X was to support the implementation of software licensing processes in the State of Vaud. This allowed me to learn more about CMDB  (Configuration Management DataBase), the contract side of licenses and usage rights. The goal was to achieve the effective implementation of processes.


What makes the difference at d²X

  • I appreciate the support given to collaborators by the teams of d²X (for example the managers),
  • The support of the communities of Practices also created a lot of solidarity between the collaborators and established a good dynamic within d²X. The collaborators work together on different projects, for example on the preparation of calls for tenders, or to exchange on their missions,
  • Finally, I appreciate that the leaders demonstrate goodwill and that it is also the case for the collaborator in every office of d²X